Martha. Must. Die.

I want this year to be different. I want 2016 to be a year of waiting on God, spending time with Him, hearing Him, receiving from Him, knowing Him. I want to read my bible. I… Continue reading

soha cheer and so much more

I love St. Louis city and the South Hampton neighborhood we live in. This neighborhood sets such an amazing example for community betterment, local business and overall togetherness! Tonight a few of us… Continue reading


Sometimes I need a change in scenery. I road trip. “I see problems down the line” Alive in the vehicle cabin… the view changing and moving past the window… a purposed destination, room… Continue reading

The Brightest Colors

It is good for me that I have been afflicted – Ps 119:71 It is a remarkable circumstance that the most brilliant colors of plants are to be seen on the highest mountains,… Continue reading

cinnamon on my toes

It was a cinnamon on my toes kind of day. 12 noon. I’m in line at Starbucks taking a break from a busy work day. I order my drink, grab it to go,… Continue reading

life with prayer

My husband and I have made praying together a priority in our new marriage. (On a significant side note, I’m no longer a Kruvand! I became Rebekah Neely on March 24th, 2012!! Marrying… Continue reading

homeland security

When I say, “I am at home here,” what I mean is: I am secure. I am in such a state where I am free from danger or risk… a state in which… Continue reading

how to save a life

Hello blog world. This is pt.4 of an ongoing series recording my journey through healing and freedom from bitterness. Read my previous posts here. I’m still dealing with bitterness. Bitterness… that which is… Continue reading

back to the start

Earlier this year I began writing about bitterness. I consider this post to be part 3 of an ongoing series. Since my first two posts, God has pointed out where I’m still “the… Continue reading

the walking dead

Somebody has a bad case of the Mondays …and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Thursdays …how much longer ’til the weekend ALREADY?!?! Have you ever been here? Have you ever had these thoughts? I… Continue reading